The 3DVision / 3DMultiVision software provides a real-time assessment of bulk solids and powders of any type or size, stored in storage vessels.

The program periodically supplies updated information, providing the essential real-time data required for critical decisions making necessary for successful plant management.

The program continuously collects data from the monitored vessel and generates reports. These reports are used for increasing operational efficiency, and provide the site managers with valuable real-time and historical information for effective decision making.

The software can operate with multiple groups of vessels, even across multiple sites. The 3DMultiVision works in conjunction with APM 3DLevelScanner non-contact volume scanners, collects data from all monitored vessels in all sites and geographic regions, combines and merges the data analyzes and generates various types of reports.

Managers and staff with the appropriate authorization levels can view this data wherever they are located at, over common LAN, WAN, or wireless communications.