The 3DLevelScanner can now deliver a more accurate level and volume measurement solution based on multiple measurement points.
The acoustic low frequency waves generated by the scanner, are transmitted toward the material surface and reflected back from multiple points to the three antennas. As opposed to high frequency, the low frequency waves penetrate the dust particles, enabling a strong signal to be received by the antenna array. The three antennas concept enables triangulation of each reflected point from the material surface.
Irregularity of surface in bulk solids presents the greatest challenge in accurate level and or volume measurement. Measuring any reflected point with three antennas enables triangulation which delivers the x y z value of the reflected points.
Using the x y z to map the material surface, the scanner can accurately measure the volume of the material. Employing three different frequencies enables the scanner to optimize surface coverage.
The scanner’s ability to generate a strong signal facilitates the process, where a strong signal is critical for echo analysis. APM’s unique signal generation formula generates a long, high energy, low frequency signal that bypasses the dust and is clearly received by the scanner’s antennas.
Measurement of large silos demands multiple scanners – see Multi Scanner System solution.
For continuous and uninterrupted operation, the system includes a unique self-cleaning mechanism employing sound wave energy. APM works across the full spectrum of bulk solid storage.

The 3DLevelScanner enables APM to provide accurate volume measurement solutions across all sorts of industries.

APM’s technology enables accurate measurement in silos and warehouses of all shapes and sizes.  The ability to produce accurate and reliable measurement data delivers added value and tangible benefits to your business.   Accurate and automated measurements keeps personnel off silo roofs, thereby increasing safety.
The cost of carrying inventory is reduced since you no longer need to keep as much safety stock.

With material visualization you will know if you have a buildup of material on the silo walls and the sensor has a self-cleaning mechanism. Both features reducing the cost of maintenance.

Multiple point measurement yesyesyes
MeasurementLevelVolumeVolume + visualization
3D Surface ProfileNoNoYes
OutputAverage Level/Distance+ Volume Min/Max Level/Distance + 3D image
Application DiameterBetween 2m to 5m Between 5m to 10m Up to 10m
Long measuring range (up to 70m) - minimal height 6myesyesyes
Beam Angle30°70°70°
Mass conversion using Linearization tableyesyesyes
High TempOptoptopt
UpgradeyesyesYes (to multi scanner system)
Non-contact continuous level measurement yesyesyes
Unaffected by dust generation yesyesyes
Works with practically all solid materials (Density >0.25 g/cc) including those with low dielectric constantsyesyesyes
Continuous self-cleaning yesyesyes
True level measurement yesyesyes
Suitable for open bins, warehouses and bunkers yesyesyes
Figure: APM Scanner Transmitting acoustic waves and receiving echoes

Why APM 3DLevelScanner

  • Safty
  • Operational Efficiency – Volume and Level Measurement
  • Knowledge is Power: Optimized Inventory Control
  • Accurate measurements for production tracking
  • Integration to ERP and other control systems


Product Innovations

  • Traditional level measurement devices only measure the distance between the device and one single point on the surface (refer to figure below).
  • 3DLevelScanner measure multiple points along the
    surface of the material stored, in practically any kind of container.
  • 3DLevelScanner calculate accurately the volume of the stored materials.
  • APM System provides 3D representation of the material inside the silo.


Figure: Traditional level measurement devices measure a single point on the surface of the material in the silo.


Improved accuracy – saves money

  • Decision makers are able to use APM measurements and to integrate them into their MRP (Material Requirement Planning) systems


How improved accuracy saves money

  • Decreases extra safety stocks
  • Lowers costs by ordering materials only when they are needed
  • Eliminates production halts caused by lack of materials during process
  • Avoids overflow and its consequences: materials loss, environmental damage
  • Reduces required storage (volume) capacity


Market needs

  • Accurate and continuous volume (= inventory) measurement
  • Volume measurement of all kinds of solids even in harsh, dusty environments
  • Alerts of unexpected emptying of the silo (safety, etc.)
  • Patented self-cleaning operation making APM scanners practically maintenance-free