The Latest in Acoustic Measurement and 3D Mapping Technologies
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The Latest in Acoustic Measurement and 3D Mapping Technologies


As the market leader in the challenging task of accurately measuring the level and volume of bulk solids and powders in large vessels, bins and silos, APM does not sit still in its journey to continue to further develop its range of level measurement devices; with new features and certifications further reducing maintenance, facilitating easy integration and expanding the range of suitable applications.

“Uneven surfaces, irregular build-up and harsh, dusty and potentially explosive environments make measuring the level of solids in large vessels problematic, impacting inventory control decisions,” said Asael Sharabi, technical director at Emerson Process Management, APM’s parent company.

“APM instrumentation meets these challenges to provide users with greater control of inventories and entire manufacturing processes, with significant financial benefits,” said Sharabi.

Advances in the APM 3DLevelScanner Series 3D Solids Scanner, which utilizes the latest in acoustic measurement and 3D mapping technologies to provide incredibly accurate continuous level and volume measurement, mean that this device can now be used for a broader range of applications.

ATEX/IECEx certification means that the device can be installed in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. It can now also be installed within electrostatic precipitator (ESP) hoppers due to the development of a new mounting adaptor.

The ability to install the device within ESP hoppers means that hopper operators can now optimize processes as the 3D visualization capabilities map the fly ash build up in the hopper. This reduces cost, risk, and wear and tear on the hopper.

Installation and integration is simplified due to the introduction of full SCADA integration support for the solids scanner. This enables seamless integration of the 3D visualization of the surface level into Emerson’s Ovation or DeltaV distributed control systems, which is delivered directly to control room operators.

Where infrastructure is not optimal, accurate measurement is still possible due to the wireless capabilities of the solids scanner and the APM 5402 Non-contacting Radar. These devices are suited to bulk solids level measurement with smaller sized vessels and can be connected to a WirelessHART network using a Smart Wireless THUM Adapter. This solution reduces installation cost and time by facilitating easy integration to the automation architecture.

The new air purging connection for the APM 5402 prevents clogging of the antenna in very dusty environments, further reduce device maintenance requirements. The existing self-cleaning function on the APM 3DLevelScanner can now be enhanced with a new PTFE coated antenna, resulting in even longer intervals between maintenance. This is especially relevant in sticky environments.

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