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Level Indicator Vs Volume Measurement

When APM introduces its 3D volume measurement technology to the market, one of the main questions was: why should i change from my level indicator to volume measurement.

This is to summerize in very few point the major advantages of using Volume measurement instead of the 1 point level indicator:

– Level measurement, good for liquids, not relevant for solids, surface of the material is almost never flat
– Traditional level measurement indicators only measure the distance between the device and one single point on the surface or simply alert when the material eraches a specific level

As the name applies, this is only an indicator and is not relevant for true inventory control.
In addition, the bigger the silo, less relevant this indication is, what can we learn from 1 point on a 10-15m surface of bulk solids?

Here are some of the advantages of using APM 3D mapping technology:

– Measuring multiple points along the surface of solids stored in practically any kind of container
– Calculating true volume of materials stored
– Providing 3D visualizations of a containers contents
– Filtering out false echoes

All the above and more enables decision-makers to use APM measurements and integrate them into their MRP (material requirement planning).

To learn more about the technology follow this link.

Accuracy comparison

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