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Safety features using APM 3DLevelScanner

APM 3DVision/3DMultiVision software provides users of the 3DLevelScanner the ability to have optimal inventory control. The software provides the ability to see a complete picture of all silos monitored, including all data retrieved from the scanner at all time and when available, the user can also view a 3D image of the stored content to improve production efficiency, silo usage and improve maintenance.

Adding to all of the above abilities, the 3DVision/3DMultiVision offer new licensed features that will focus on safety and preventive maintenance (this is a site license, similar to the 3DMultiVision).

Center of Gravity (COG)

Based on the 3DLevelScanner advanced technology and the ability to provide a continuous real-time measurement of stored solids content, the new feature will allow the customer to implement into the silo configuration a vessel COG. Once implemented, the software will automatically calculate, based on the volume measurement, when the bulk material stored is out of the COG and therefore there is a safety risk to the vessel.

The software will generate an alert when COG is out of defined space surrounding the optimal COG, helping operation and maintenance teams to conduct preventive maintenance, fix operational issues, increase employee’s and plant’s safety and prevent vessel collapsing/tilting.

The software displays X, Y, Z coordinates of the COG, accepted area and provide a 3D image of the COG calculated areas when using MV/MVL models.

Virtual Section

Based on the 3DLevelScanner advanced technology and the ability to provide a continuous real-time measurement of stored solids content, this new feature will allow the customer to divide the vessel into sections. Once implemented, the user will be able to focus on a specific section to retrieve information on the stored material in this section.

The bigger the vessel, either it is a huge silo, warehouse or dome the more complicated it is to control the material allocation and optimize filling and emptying processes. In many cases today, there is a need for physical/manual survey, putting employees at risk.

Using APM’s 3DLevelScanner MV/MVL type with this feature enabled to allow full control from a distant location and provide the user with the following benefits:

Improve storage capacity – Optimal material allocation for filling/emptying process

Improve production efficiency – Allowing automated process control

Decrease safety risks – Remote control eliminates the need for physical surveys

Virtual Section Specifics:

  • Min, max and average level output
  • Max of 99 sections
  • Minimal section size 1.5m (5ft) by 1.5m (5ft)
  • Seamless integration to SCADA (using Modbus commands)

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