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Level Measurement Devices Growth in Product Offering


The accurate measurement of the level and volume of bulk solids and powders in large containers is a challenging problem that requires constant evaluation and monitoring. That is why APM continues to develop and enhance its product offering to ensure customers have the optimal carefree solution for their specific purposes.
“Measuring the level of solids in large vessels is problematic due to the harsh (potentially explosive) environments and uneven surfaces, and this greatly impacts inventory control decisions,” said Asael Sharabi, technical director at Emerson Process Management, APM’s parent company.
“Our solutions provide users with greater control of inventories and the entire manufacturing processes, as well as significant financial benefits,”

The APM 3DLevelScanner Series 3D Solids Scanner now has additional functionality that reduces maintenance requirements, makes integration even easier than before, and broadens the range of applications.The 3DLevel Scanner, with its acoustic measurement and 3D mapping technology, is the benchmark for accurate continuous levels and volume measurement. And it can now be used in potentially explosive areas as verified by its ATEX/IECEx certification.
The measurement of fly ash in ESP hoppers is of vital importance, as the buildup of fly ash can be bot dangerous and costly. The new mounting adapter for installation of the device in ESP hoppers ensures safe and accurate fly ash measurement in the hopper.
Full SCADA integration support has made installation and integration of the scanner even easier than before. By integrating the scanner with Emerson’s Ovation or DeltaV distributed control systems, 3D visualization of the surface level can now be delivered directly to control room operators.

And to satisfy the demands of users in remote locations without existing cable infrastructure, the solids scanner and the APM 5402 Non-contacting Radar, can now be connected to a WirelessHART® network using a Smart Wireless THUM Adapter. Wireless integration is much more cost effective, efficient, and time saving than the installation of infrastructure.

Installation and integration is one consideration; however, maintenance consideration are no less important. New features help to dramatically reduce maintenance requirements. Dusty environments cause enormous strains on measuring equipment, affecting accuracy and longevity.

For very dusty environments, the new air purging connection for the APM 5402 prevents clogging of the antenna. And the self-cleaning function on the APM 3DLevelScanner, which is of great benefit when working with extremely sticky materials, can now be augmented with a new PTFE-coated antenna, helping to reduce maintenance even further.

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