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Level Sensors in Texas

The level sensor device is based on a patented Israel technology the enables precision measuring. Many industries have adopted the solution the 3DLevel sensor (scanner) provides as it has prominent advantages that other products lack. Almost al the devices in the market base their measure on one random point of the surface of the material while the 3D level sensor devices base their measuring on multiple point, taking the measure from a general estimation to accurate measuring of the level and the volume of the content inside the containers, whether it si a warehouse, a silo, a bin etc.

How does it operate?
The level sensor operates in any condition including in dusty environments as the very low frequency acoustical signal penetrates dust. The device measures the length and time it took the signal to “return” to the device as well as the direction and then provide an accurate measuring including a 3dmapping image of the content. APM is a leading global manufacturer in the field of level measuring. Please contact us to find your local distributor.

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