AEF Form

Customer information
Application data
Is Material Bulk Density >0.2 gr/cc (12.5 lbs/Cu.ft.) *
Is Pressure range >-20mBar and <3Bar (>-0.29 and <43.5 PSI) *
Max Temperature inside the vessel *
Other data
Primary measurement desired:
Intrinsically Safe Approvals Required:
Top View
Scanner and Filling Location refer to the images below
X Y Nozzle diameter Nozzle height
Current mounting location(s)
Filling location(s)
Optimal scanner(s) location will be determined by factory. Factory will try to accommodate the customer’s desired mounting location.
Vessel details
Internal Structures (like a ladder)
Internal Movement (like an auger)
Vessel details (1)

Vessel Type Cylindrical Rectangular
Top shape
Center shape
Bottom Shape
(1) Required Field - Accurate Vessel dimensions are required to allow optimal scanner(s) location determination.