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Plastic Production

General process information

Crude oil is transported to the refinery in order to break it down to several products.
The crude oil is heated in a distillation tower to produce:
Liquefied gases
Heavy distillates including Naphta, Light distillates (petrol for cars), Kerosene (for aircraft), Diesel, Heating oil and others
Naphta is the base for producing plastic products.
Naphta is heated again in a process called steam-cracking at a temperature of 800°C which breaks it down further into a number of products like Ethylene, Propelyne, Styrene, Benzine and others.
Ethylene, Propylene, Styrene are then going to a process called Polymerization catalysts to be boned together and create Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene in the form of granules.

Diagram of a Plastic Pellets Production Process

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