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Accuracy - Multiple Points Measurement

The high accuracy is achieved by measuring the distance to multiple points on the surface and calculating the volume, rather than estimating the volume based on a single point measurement.

During emptying, guessing based on single point significantly decreases the accuracy.

multiple points measurement

The larger the silo, the bigger the measurement challenge!
During silo filling, Multiple point measurement guarantees measurement continuity.
The risk of measurement freezing is significantly reduced in multiple point measurement.

Benefits of multiple points measurements:

  • Improving Decision Making process – Real-time data is available to all users
  • Saving on redundant safety stock
  • Improving Production Management – Optimal control over work in process
  • Improving Cost Considerations due to true consumption calculation
  • Improving Maintenance Management due to higher safety and build-ups monitoring using visualization
  • Advanced Conversion of Volume to Mass using tailor-made bulk Density Linearization table

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